This is College: Thoughts of an Undergraduate Peer Academic Advisor vol. 1.5

Peer Academic Advisor: LaDesha Batten
Major: Psychology
Class: Sophomore
Let’s Give Thanks!

You’ve made it through mid-terms, class registration, and now Thanksgiving Break is slowly but surely approaching. During the holidays we take the time out to give thanks for our family, friends, and everyone else at home that has had an impact on our life. However, have you ever considered giving thanks to the people who have impacted your life here at Mason? Or giving thanks that you are able to attend a great school such as Mason and feel at home outside of your real home? Mason is an amazing school with so many great opportunities and people, but as students we sometimes fail to realize how much of an impact someone at Mason has had on our lives or how great of an opportunity it is to attend this school.

At Mason you are granted a wide variety of opportunities such as: research experience in different fields, internships, on campus employment, leadership positions, the ability to network, and much more. There is almost an organization for any type of interest you have here on campus, and if not then you are more than welcome to create one of your own. We our granted with top of the line programs here at Mason and presented with the option of having practically any major you can think of declaring- if not then we even have an option where you can create your own degree! Here at Mason we are all about being “Innovative”, where we are encouraged to think and try new ideas impacting our campus. We excel in being “Diverse”, bringing together a multitude of people with different backgrounds, race, gender, ethnicities, beliefs, etc. Mason prepares us to be “Entrepreneurial’’, preparing us with the skills and knowledge to put our ideas into action , create and carry out jobs, as well as become agents of positive change. Mason makes all of this “Accessible’’ to the students by partnering up with private and public organization around the world. Each of these 4 concepts are joined together to create Mason’s Vision- “IDEA’’- a vision that we should be thankful to have!

From the professors to other staff members here at Mason, they all share one common goal, which is to promote a positive environment and serve as role models to us students here. There are professors here that take the time out to sit at office hours in order to provide extra help to students; some launch research projects and seek their students for involvement. There are some who more than willingly write letters of recommendations and connect their students with different people to network with. There are also professors who email you each time you are absent from class just to make sure that everything is okay and show concern. We have housekeeping services that clean on a daily to make sure that we our using hygienic facilities and everything is working properly. We have dining employers that cook and serve us food daily at each food place here on campus. We have student leaders that help guide their fellow peers and serve as role models. These are all people who deserve a thank you.

These may be little things that don’t seem that important but together they create something big. Remember, a simple thank you can go a long way! So take the time out to thank someone here on campus that has really impacted your life, or even thank whoever is responsible for making it possible for you to attend mason. Happy Holidays!

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