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I.Snap Videos

Information in a Snap!

Click on the links below to see fun and informational videos from different series:

How To Video Series:

View these videos for a “visual how to” on several different topics.

How to Change or Declare a Major

How to Declare a Second Major

How to Declare a Second Degree

How to Declare a Minor

How to perform a What If Analysis using Patriot Web

How to use the University Catalog

Understanding Warning, Probation and Suspension

Understanding AP and IB Credit


Academic Policy Superheroz Series:

Learn about academic policies the fun way. Let the Advising Fox and the rest of the superheroz teach you about important Mason academic policies!

Repeat Policy
by: AATC



Study Elsewhere



Credit Overload
by: AATC



by: AATC



Selective Withdrawal
by: AATC



Upper Division Requirement
by: AATC


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