Academic Advising Liaisons

Academic Advising Liaisons are responsible for implementing advising quality standards in each college.  They work together to facilitate the vision of academic advising reform on campus through academic advising assessment, communication, engagement, training and professional development opportunities   They oversee expectations for academic advising and policies for their school/college areas.  Additionally, the liaisons participate in college level curriculum committees to provide a logistical lens to help frame faculty conceptual input.

Last FirstCollege/Department Email Title
WareDaFranVolgenau School of Engingeeringdware@gmu.eduUndergraduate Advising Coordinator
TBDCollege of Humanities and Social SciencesTBDDirector of Advising
AndersonHeather Honors Collegehanders4@gmu.eduDirector of Academic Affairs and Advising
MoormanBarbaraSchool of Businessbmoorman@gmu.eduAssistant Director, Academic Services
ShawLisaSchool for Conflict Analysis and Resolutionlshaw2@gmu.eduField Experience Director
KhanAssadCollege of Scienceakhanf@gmu.eduDirector for Undergraduate Student Affairs
LudwickAnnSchar School of Policy and Governmentaludwick@gmu.eduAssistant Dean
MontielSaraCollege of Education and Human Developmentsmontiel@gmu.eduAdvising & Retention Coordinator
GastonWhitneyCollege of Health and Human Serviceswgaston@gmu.eduDirector, Admissions and Advising
LewisAnnCenter for Academic Advising, Retention, and Transitionsvlewis@gmu.eduAssistant Dean
Anderson-KellyDawnCollege of Visual and Performing Artsdandersb@gmu.eduAssistant Director, Undergraduate Advising