Academic Advisor of the Year

Congratulations to Melinda Wildman of the School of Music, Winner of the 2015 Academic Advisor of the Year Award!

Dr. Jeannie Brown Leonard (right) and Dr. Jeanette Muir present Melinda Wildman (center) with the 2015 Academic Advisor of the Year Ward

Dr. Jeannie Brown Leonard, Dean of Student Academic Affairs, Advising, Retention, & Transitions, announced that Melinda Wildman, Undergraduate Coordinator and Academic Advisor in the School of Music, has been named as the George Mason University 2015 Academic Advisor of the Year.  This award is given annually to recognize excellence in advising across the Mason campus.

Academic advisors are a vital part of student success.   Since 2005 students, faculty, and staff have an opportunity to nominate an undergraduate academic advisor who has had a positive impact on students through academic advising. The recipient of this award embodies the following characteristics & skills:

  • Demonstrates a caring, helpful attitude toward students
  • Provides accurate information regarding university academic requirements
  • Makes themselves available to students, faculty, and staff
  • Makes appropriate referrals
  • Has knowledge of George Mason University regulations, policies, and procedures
  • Supports student development through advising

Comments from Students:

Lynn Wildman is probably the faculty/staff member here at George Mason who has influenced and helped me most throughout my 3 years at Mason….She is kind, supportive, and encouraging, but one of the things that I find great about her is that she will tell you the truth. If you need advice, so will help you any way she can and without sugar coating or making it seem like she knows more than you do. She genuinely wants to help… When I am having a bad day and being hard on myself, Lynn always reminds me to recognize my strengths and what I do well. I think she deserves to be recognized for all of her strengths and what she does well: her hard work, dedication, and love that she gives to her students.

Lynn is always available, responds to emails quickly, is always checking up on us (even when we don’t contact her first!), and makes sure no one gets left behind. Her office is a cheerful, homey place. I don’t know WHERE I would be without the friendly, knowledgeable help of Lynn.

Comments from co-workers:

She is among the most professional and insightful people I’ve ever worked with. She brings joy and positivity to her job, and is very highly regarded by students, faculty, and staff.

Comments from her supervisor:

She is fantastic in all ways…thorough, detailed, articulate, and caring.  She is the consummate academic advisor.

Dr. Linda Monson

Managing Director, School of Music