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Reports of Intermittent “Google Chrome” Crashing

EAB wanted to provide an update on the Chrome Browser reported issue.  The EAB development team has attempted to reproduce with a variety of different set ups including old versions of chrome, new versions, removing extensions, turning java script on/of, turning style sheet off, etc. In some situations we have seen the “crash” but this does not appear to be an issue related to our application.

As we currently stand:

–          No reported issues with mac users (and we have been unable to reproduce ourselves on mac)

–          Our other supported browsers do not have an issue

–          User can refresh the page after it crashes

–          New reports received from members that they have experienced this in Chrome with other applications outside of Campus

–          Our own research suggests recent versions of Google Chrome have reported issues of random crashing

Given the assessment and the last two bullets, this appears to be a broader Chrome issue associated with specific versions 54 and higher.

If other users experience this at your institution please email our Tech Support team so we can continue to monitor: