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EAB SSC| Exchange Update on 12/15/16

EAB thought it might also be helpful to share a few tips for the most common support requests they get for users who have syncing difficulties. These are all a matter of settings/configurations so can be quickly resolved.

  • All users suddenly unable to sync – your service account has likely changed its password. We need to update it and resync users.
  • User unable to sync the first time – confirm the user has the correct editor permissions (if using delegation) or group permissions (if using impersonation). After they make the permission change (following a previous error), it may require our support to unpause and resync them. All members of our team are able to do that for you.
  • Users calendar syncs one direction – ensure the user is not also syncing in Training. This causes the syncs to compete with each other and thus appointments will appear and disappear.

If you have any questions on how to resolve any of these please don’t hesitate to reach out to