Academic Advising

How do I contact my academic advisor?

Undeclared students are advised in the Center for Academic Advising, Retention & Transitions. The Center for Academic Advising, Retention & Transitions also advises students who are considering changing their majors and pre-health professional students. If you have a declared major you are advised in that academic department. The Advisor Locator will give you the department’s location, phone number, and link to their website.

How can I make an appointment with my academic advisor?

Undeclared, guest matriculant (formerly non-degree) or students planning to change their major, can schedule an appointment with one of our advisors by calling our front desk at 703-993-2470 during regular business hours. If you call after 5 pm then please leave a message and your call will be returned when the office reopens.

Students with a declared major or intending to declare a major should use our Advisor Locator or visit departmental website for contact information for other advisors.

Where can I see an advisor? Where is their office located?

The location of your advisor and how to schedule an appointment depends on the your major. Use our Advisor Locator to find the appropriate contact information.

What is an academic action?

Some examples of academic actions include: asking for permission to take courses at another institution, withdrawing from a course(s) after the drop deadline, a late add, other schedule adjustments, and credit overload approval. In order to initiate an academic action request, a student should visit the Student Academic Affairs office of their college.

What is the first step in submitting an Academic Actions?

Review our Student Appeals page to learn more about the policies and requirements for your specific request before you meet with an academic advisor.

How do I find health professions advising?

Students seeking health professions advising should view the Health Professions Advising Website for more information and sign up for the Health Professions listserv. This student email listserv announces upcoming advising sessions and local, state and national opportunities for prospective health professionals.

Where do I go for pre-law advising?

Students seeking pre-law advising should view the Pre-Law advising website for more information and how to schedule an appointment: Click Here!

I need information about the Math Placement test. How do I find it?

The best place to find information about the math placement test is the math placement website. You may also contact the Math Department at 703.993.1460.

Where can I find information about the Foreign Language Placement test?

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages distributes information about the foreign language placement tests. They are located in the Aquia Building, Room 336 or can be reached at 703.993.1220. Their website also contains information about the foreign language placement tests.

Can I test out of any courses?

Mason offers a limited number of departmental exams for credit that will permit you to test out of certain courses. These options can be located by visiting:

What are “holds” on my record and how do I get them removed?

Holds on your record can be but are not limited to academic holds, financial holds, library fines or parking fines. When you have a “hold” on your record you are not able to adjust your schedule in any way. In order to have the hold removed, you will need to contact the appropriate office or department. You can check for holds on your account by going to PatriotWeb.

Can I take classes online at Mason?

Mason offers a limited number of courses online. To review your options, please refer to PatriotWeb.

Where can I find out what courses fulfill General Education Requirements?

To obtain the list of courses that fulfill the General Education Requirements, please visit: University General Education Requirements

How do I find out what classes fulfill the non-western course requirement?

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences website and the University Catalog both contain a list of the courses that fulfill the non-western course requirement.

I would like to transfer to Mason. I need academic advising.  How can I find out if my credits transferred?

The Office of Admissions handles transfer credit evaluations.  There are several places you can go on your own to get an idea of your transfer credits.  The main page can be accessed here.  Prospective students will be assigned advisors based on the department of their major AFTER they are admitted.

How do I find my grades and what does NA, NC and other codes mean on my grade report?

To access grade reports, log onto PatriotWeb.
An NA represents failure of a course due to never attending class. NC represents no credit for a completed course. To find the meaning of other grade notations see the university catalog section on the Grading System.