Academic Difficulty

Academic Difficulty Questions

Does Mason have a forgiveness policy for unsatisfactory grades?

When calculating a student’s cumulative GPA, if a course is repeated, only the new grade will be used in this calculation.

What are academic warning, probation, suspension, and dismissal?

An undergraduate student who earns a cumulative gpa of less than a 2.00 will be put on academic warning, probation or suspension. Your attempted credit level will determine the degree of academic restriction. A student’s attempted credit level consists of credits passed, credits failed, credits withdrawn, transfer credit, AP and IB credit, and any other credit the student earned through credit by testing. A warning and probation both result in a restriction of 13 credits for the following semester.

Following a first suspension, students cannot take courses for two academic periods unless it is imposed at the end of a summer term in which case the student will be unable to enroll for the fall semester, but can return for the spring semester. If a student receives a second suspension, that individual will not be allowed to take courses for one full academic year. A third suspension will result in the student being dismissed from the university.

I have a learning disability, how do I get help?

You will need to establish that you are eligible to receive the appropriate services and accommodations by opening a file with the Office of Disability Services. You may contact them at 703.993.2474 to set up an appointment.

I got an incomplete from my professor. What can I do now?

If you received a grade of incomplete (IN) in a class, you need to contact your professor and determine what you need to do to make up the incomplete work. You must complete all the required work by the deadline (found on the academic calendar on the Registrars website, and the instructor must turn in the final grade by the end of the tenth week).

Grades of incomplete are changed to a grade of F if the final grade is not submitted by the professor by the deadline unless an explicit written extension is filed by the faculty deadline. The maximum extension of an IN is the end of the same semester in which the grade was originally due. Students who have filed an intent to graduate have only six weeks from the date of degree conferral to resolve any incomplete grade(s) and have the final grade(s) recorded by the Registrar’s Office.

Grades of Incomplete (IN) are treated as unsatisfactory grades (F) in determining warning, probation, suspension, or dismissal. Removal of a grade of incomplete may result in a retroactive elimination of these conditions.

How does the 13 credit limit work?

Undergraduate students who earn a GPA of less than 2.00 and are still eligible to enroll, may register for a maximum of 13 credit hours for the following spring or fall semester. All undergraduate students who are returning from suspension in a fall or spring semester may take a maximum of 13 credit hours and must meet with an advisor before registering.