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This is College: Thoughts of a Peer Academic Advisor vol 4.3

Peer Academic Advisor: Menahil Mirza
Major: Biology
Class: Sophmore

Registration Time: Something Like The Hunger Games

Ah, registration time! What a joyous time filled with choosing new classes (assuming we’ve passed the previous ones). This is a time where we can start fresh and with a clean slate,

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Resolution for Intermittent “Google Chrome” Crashing

EAB wanted to follow-up on their email notification regarding reports of intermittent Chrome crashing last week. Despite appearing to be a bug in the new Chrome browsers with MS Operating System (as versions prior to 54 work fine), they continued to allocate developers and QA engineers against this for the past week to see if there was anything they could do to proactively resolve.

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Reports of Intermittent “Google Chrome” Crashing

EAB wanted to provide an update on the Chrome Browser reported issue.  The EAB development team has attempted to reproduce with a variety of different set ups including old versions of chrome, new versions, removing extensions, turning java script on/of, turning style sheet off, etc. In some situations we have seen the “crash” but this does not appear to be an issue related to our application.

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