This is College: Thoughts of a Peer Academic Advisor vol 4.4

Peer Academic Advisor: Manon Cook

Major: Theater

Class: Sophomore


It’s Going To Be Okay…

College can be a stressful time whether it is your first semester or you’re about to graduate. It is a balancing act of classes, social interactions, and extra-curricular, sometimes with a job thrown into the mix as well. That is a lot to handle for anyone and eventually, you will probably feel overwhelmed and too stressed to function, but that is when it is important to remember five key words:

It’s going to be okay.

I know it sounds cheesy and lame. What will saying that do when I am overwhelmed by homework, finals, and a multitude of other commitments? You would be surprised. Just taking a minute out of your day to take a deep breath and tell yourself it is going to be okay can do wonders for your confidence when everything seems like it is falling apart.

If hearing it from yourself doesn’t work, talk to a friend, someone you feel comfortable with because they can be a great resource in gaining back control of your life. They can provide an outside perspective on a problem or just be a good listener to let you vent all the pent up frustrations. Friends want to help you and be there for you, so don’t be afraid that you will inconvenience them or stress them out as well because that is what friends are for. Living with one of my best friends while at college is one of the main things that has gotten me through the most stressful times at college because no matter what was thrown my way, I knew I wasn’t alone and that I had someone in my corner through it all. She kept me sane and reminded me that I will get through it, and everything would be okay.

Which leads me to my biggest piece of advice: It is okay to fail. No one likes to fail, that is a fact of life. It is an awful feeling, but sometimes we need to fail to succeed. College is an entirely different monster from high school, and no matter what kind of student or person you were there, it will probably change once you get to college. College is a trial of figuring out what works for you, and sometimes it takes failing a class, getting overwhelmed, or having to cut back on commitments to find a life you can handle and be happy with here. So embrace that lower grade, accept sometimes you have to say no to hanging out or joining that third club, and just know that it is all just another step on the road to success.

Never let stress or failure scare you off from what you want to do. Sometimes, we need to fail to figure out what we really want out of life because it forces us to take a step back and evaluate what we are doing and how we need to improve to get to where we want to be. Remember, when things get hard, the most successful people in life are the people that failed over and over again, but never let that stop them from getting back up again.

Dust yourself off and tell yourself: It’s going to be okay.