This is College: Thoughts of a Peer Academic Advisor vol 4.5

Peer Academic Advisor: Keshawna Veney
Major: Applied Information Technology
Class: Junior

Don’t hold yourself back….

Regardless of whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, etc. it can be a daunting task to figure out something you really want to do or a way of getting involved and actually committing to it. I remember freshman year I had convinced myself that I was too involved with my classes to commit myself to anything else, but would occasionally pop up at a few club meetings. Similarly, the first semester of my sophomore year I was convinced of the same, and it wasn’t until that second semester when I applied to become a Peer Advisor did I realize how much of an impact I could actually make during my time here at Mason.

Often times when we really want to do something new, we get this deep, daunting gut feeling of nervousness in the pit of our stomach, but don’t let that discourage you. Actually, it can be a good thing that lets you know you’re on track to something great. Therefore, don’t let the fear of the unknown change your mind. If you always knew you wanted to join Greek life or always dreamed of being an RA, why hold yourself back from doing what you always dreamed of?

Now, while your new found involvement will be a great experience for you, it could also afford you the opportunity to be a positive influence and support system for many other students. Although we don’t always realize it, we all have a platform and opportunity to influence others as college students. Regardless of our individual circumstances, we have access to administrators, faculty, professors, and other students which could lead to developing a new organization, community service events, or a program that could deeply influence others or lead to something even greater.

So, you may think, ok, I’m convinced to apply for this new job or join this new club, but you also may be thinking, how can I start getting involved? First, I’d say think about the types of things you’re interested in and then visit Mason’s site to see a list of Mason’s nearly 400 clubs and organizations. Also, have conversations with your friends or professors and develop ideas for events or opportunities that you believe would be a benefit to the Mason community. There’s so many opportunities to get involved, so make that leap.

So, never let that scary gut feeling stop you from what you’ve always wanted to do. Sometimes we just need a voice of reason, whether a close friend or family member, to tell us exactly what we need to hear so we can keep pushing towards our destiny. Now is the perfect time to do what you’ve always dreamed, so please, don’t continue to hold yourself back.

Trust me, you can do it.