This is College: Thoughts of a Peer Academic Advisor vol 4.8

Peer Academic Advisor: Negina Noorzada
Major: Psychology (BA)
Class: Senior

Stay strong! Do not panic!!

Every one of us wants to be successful at some point in our life. It is true that success does not come easily, it requires many sacrifices; just like separating from our best high school friends or a college friend. It is everyone’s dream to finish school and at least have a bachelor’s degree, but how ready are we to face this new life with its challenges? I was one of the students who struggled at the beginning; before transferring to Mason I was very excited, but once I transferred everything turned black. All I knew about Mason was the Johnson Center and David King Hall where my faculty advisor office was located. At the beginning, I thought I will never get used to this environment and be able to finish Mason, I thought these struggles might be forever with me at Mason. I was clueless about finding my way, until I decided to take a deep breath and stay strong. I followed the steps below. They helped me a lot. If you are also in the transition process these steps may be of help.

  • I tried not to overwhelm myself by taking too many classes in my first semester. I took only 12 credits to stay full time for my financial aid benefits. If you also have the same situation and need to be a full-time student try not to take more than 12 credits. You will need some free time to interact with people around you and become familiar with the resources out there for you.
  • My biggest issue in my first semester was doing my writing projects and getting familiar with the library website, and how to find material that I needed. I made an appointment with a Librarian and ask her to help me find sources and to help me learn how can I find them on my own. This appointment was very helpful for me, even I realized I can get my text books from the library and not need to purchase expensive books. Interesting hah.
  • Another useful way to know everything around Mason is to sign up for one of the UNIV courses which can provide enough information about majors at Mason and resources at Mason. Unfortunately, I did not know about these courses in my first semester, and I know people who took UNIV courses and were very happy, so I signed up for one of them for my second semester. These courses are one credit classes and often the class length is shorter than other classes.
  • Talking to my faculty advisor was also very helpful. Because if my advisor had the answer to my questions it was wonderful, and if he did not know the answers for my questions he could refer me to the right person and the right place.

Remember, your struggles are ours, and we are here to make your transition easy.