Academic Intervention Program

The Academic Intervention Program (AIP) is designed to provide exploratory students in academic difficulty with important information about student’s academic standing, Mason’s academic policies, and helpful resources to aid in future academic success.

Completion of the Academic Intervention program is required for exploratory first semester freshmen students with a cumulative GPA below 2.0.  The steps outlined below must be completed before meeting with an academic advisor to discuss removing your academic hold.

Exploratory transfer students or students who have been at Mason for longer than one semester and have fallen below a cumulative GPA of 2.0 are not required to complete this program. These students are encouraged to watch the videos and meet with their academic advisor to help prevent problems in the future.

Steps for completing the Academic Intervention Program:

  1. Check your email. You should have received an email from the Mason Care Nework ( indicating that you on warning or probation. This email includes important information about the Academic Intervention Program.
  2. Download & print the following forms. You will need to print the following forms before moving on to step #3  (Do not complete the forms yet).
      • a.

    Form #1: Think About Last Semester

      • b.

    Form #2: Build a Plan for Success

  3. View the Academic Intervention Program videos. You must view all five videos before meeting with a coach. To view the videos you will need speakers.
      • a.

    Part #1: Your Academic Record

      • b.

    Part #2: Mason’s Academic Standing Policies

      • c.

    Part #3: Improving Your GPA

      • d.

    Part #4: Self-Evaluation

      • e.

    Part #5: Academic Resources

  4. Complete the two forms along with the videos. The videos will prompt you when to complete each form.
  5. Schedule your appointment via the link sent by the coach. (No Walk-ins Accepted)
  6. Prepare for your appointment.
      a. Bring the two printed and completed forms with you to your appointment.
      b. Create a list of questions for the coach.