Advising Forms

Most advising related forms (and explanation of each form) can be found on the Registrar’s website

Commonly used Forms

Before Leaving Mason Form
To be used as a checklist if you leave George Mason University.

Change/Declaration of Academic Program (Major/Concentration)
For students who wish to declare or make a change to their Academic Program (Major or Concentration).

Credit Overload
Used to request to take more credits than the allowable amount per term. 

Delete Program Request
For currently enrolled students who would like to delete/remove a program (ex. remove major, minor, concentration).

Leave of Absence
Required for all students who are planning an absence from Mason.

Minor Declaration:
Used by currently enrolled students who would like to declare a minor.

Re-Enrollment Form
To be completed by students who have missed one or more consecutive semesters at Mason. Students who re-enroll must meet catalog/degree requirements that are in place at that time of re-enrollment. Due by the close of business on the first day of classes. 

Selective Withdrawal Request
Undergraduate degree seeking students are eligible to withdraw from a limited number of classes without Dean’s approval and at the student’s own discretion up until a certain date in the semester (see academic calendar for details). Students may process a maximum of three such selective withdrawals during their entire undergraduate career.

Study Elsewhere
Currently enrolled Mason students who wish to take courses at another regionally accredited U.S. institution must obtain advance written approval. This process permits a student to enroll elsewhere in a suitable course unavailable at Mason or through the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. Students who wish to Study Abroad must contact Mason’s Global Education Office. Students wanting to pursue study through the Consortium should contact the Registrar’s Office. (See more details/policy on form.)