Course Repeat Policy Exception Request

AP.1.3.4 Repeating a Course

Undergraduate students (degree-seeking or non-degree) may repeat undergraduate courses that are not repeatable for credit. There is a limit of three graded attempts for all courses. Academic programs may have more restrictive limits. A W does not count as a graded attempt. This policy applies only to repeating the same course, or courses that are designated in the catalog as equivalent. Academic programs may restrict all students from repeating certain courses or restrict students from repeating high-demand courses for the purpose of improving a satisfactory grade. Academic programs may restrict repeats of certain courses by students in their major. Excessive repeats may result in termination from the major. (See AP 5.2.4 Termination from the Major.) Appeals to this policy begin with the student’s academic advisor.

Procedure for Requesting Course Repeat Policy Exceptions:

  1. Student begins process with his/her major academic advisor. Honors advisors will direct students to their major advisors.  Complete Academic Request form with advisor explaining request and reasons and create draft contract outlining a success plan per course.
  2. Student seeks permission to repeat the course by submitting the Student Success Plan to the department of the course. Courses in Business, VSE, FAVS, Music, and BSN (or any unit with a course repeat policy that is MORE restrictive than this policy) – must involve those units. Permission for a 4th attempt must be negotiated in consultation with these more restrictive units. The voice of the course unit has the final authority in these cases.
  3. Student returns to major academic advisor with student success plan with departmental signature. The advisor submits recommendation (approve or deny) along with a copy of the Student Success Plan contract, if appropriate, to their Student Academic Affairs office (Dean’s Office) for review and oversight. Students should check Patriot Web to track their registration. Processing time should be 24-48 hours.
  4. Students may appeal to the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education if they think the process has not been fair.

A 4th attempt of a course will be granted in the following situations:

  • If student has a newly documented disability or evidence that approved accommodations were not provided.
  • If student has extenuating circumstances that affected performance in the last attempt for the course and those circumstances have been resolved.