Returning from Academic Suspension Request for Exploratory and Undeclared Students

Exploratory and Undeclared students who have been academically suspended (due to retention categories AP.5.2.3) are encouraged to return after they have spent the required semester(s) away from Mason.  All students who have been academically suspended have a hold on their account that prevents registration.  In order to have the hold removed and request to return, students must first meet with their  Exploratory Academic Advisor.

During the meeting the Academic Advisor Approval form should be completed between the student and the Academic Advisor. (Before the meeting it is ideal to consider your plan for courses during the semester you are returning).   If the time away from Mason exceeded the required semester(s) away, other forms may be required which a student can discuss with their Academic Advisor.

Meet with your Academic Advisor EARLY when planning to return.

We highly encourage students who are returning after being suspended to schedule the meeting with their Academic Advisor far in advance to the beginning of the semester in which they wish to return. Keep in mind priority registration (the time period when current students register for classes) takes place during the semester prior to a student’s return, so we recommend starting this process in advance of priority registration when possible.   This ensures timely registration, which allows for selecting preferred courses and beginning courses on time – all things that start the student off on a path of success. 

We will not accept requests to return from suspension after classes have begun. 

Students are recommended to consult the Catalog under Student Retention Categories (AP.5.2.3) and Academic Suspension (AP.5.2.5) for exact criteria regarding academic standing and refer to the chart concerning your minimum GPA and credit level to avoid this and other academic actions in the future.