Schedule Adjustment – Late Adds or Course Withdrawals after Semester Deadlines (Exploratory and Undeclared)


Students are responsible for registering properly and paying for all credits by the registration and payment deadlines listed in the Schedule of Classes. Please also see the full academic calendars on the registrar’s website.  These calendars list all of the important dates and deadlines throughout the semester, such as the last day to add and drop courses, the last day to withdrawal and the last day to selectively withdrawal:

Students are always held personally responsible for verifying the accuracy of their own enrollment before the end of the add period. Note: Being waitlisted for a course does not guarantee a student’s subsequent enrollment in that course.

Students who were not correctly enrolled in classes due to a documented university error may petition to add a class after the deadline of the semester. This is called a “Request to Late Add.”

The first step in requesting to be added to a course after the last day to add (but before the semester has ended) is asking the instructor of the course to start and sign a “Late Schedule Adjustment” form.  These forms can only be accessed by Mason faculty and staff.  If the instructor approves, the instructor must then submit the form to the department chair of the department offering the course.  Ultimately, if the request is approved, the form is then submitted directly to the Registrar’s Office by the instructor or department chair. 

When the appeal is made after the semester has ended, it is called a “Request to Retroactively Add” and details for that request are described at the bottom of this page. 

Students are also responsible for all courses in which they remain officially enrolled after the drop period has ended. Instructors do not have the authority to drop or withdraw students from classes. If a student makes a request to drop or  withdraw from a class after the deadline, it is considered a “Late Course Drop or Withdrawal”. It is called a “Retroactive Course Withdrawal Request” if made after the semester has ended.

Students can only be considered for late schedule adjustments after the deadline of the semester or retroactive adjustments after the semester has ended when there are unusual circumstances beyond the student’s control or due to a documented university error. Reasons NOT considered for late or retroactive actions include the following:

  • Failure to pay for a class by the payment deadline – resulting in the class being dropped due to non-payment.
  • Failure to enroll officially from a waitlist.
  • Failure to add into the course due to a hold of any kind on your account – these may include parking, library, health, and academic holds, for example.
  • Academic performance 

For more information, please review “Changing Registration: Drop/Add (Schedule Adjustment)” in the Catalog.

Requesting a Retroactive Course Add or Withdrawal:

  1. Complete an Academic Request form indicating which course you are requesting to add or drop. Explain fully why you were unable to add, drop or withdrawal from the course during the semester within the deadlines and include all documentation regarding the circumstances justifying the appeal or the university error. 
  2. Obtain written verification from the course instructor(s) stating the dates of attendance. The instructor must state why you were allowed to remain in the course without being listed on the official university class roster (if request is to add a course) or verify your lack of attendance (if your request is to drop or withdrawal from the course).
  3. All forms should be submitted to an Exploratory advisor, or you can email The request is then reviewed by a committee, and a decision will be emailed to you as quickly as possible, but within 7-10 business days.