What is iPASS?

iPASS or Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success is an integrative approach to student success that promotes shared ownership for educational progress among students, faculty, and staff. It encompasses services that help students formulate and advance toward educational goals, including advising, counseling, progress tracking, and academic early alerts. iPASS is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, while being managed by EDUCAUSE.

The Challenge.

As of October 2015, 26 institutions are designing and implementing iPASS projects to enhance the support and services they offer to improve student success and degree completion. EDUCAUSE is providing three years of financial, technical, and change-management support to the selected colleges and universities. For more information, visit the iPASS Grant page.

How can iPASS help the Mason community?

iPASS will allow us to “flip” academic advising and student support services in the same way innovated faculty have flipped the classroom. By using technology to provide self-directed access to information, valuable human resources can be used for developmental conversations and more meaningful and engaging interactions with students. We will expand or deploy new technology tools to help students plan and evaluate their degree progress, support academic advisors in using predictive analytics to identify and guide students, and leverage early alert insights to promote student success.

Our proposed iPASS vision for Mason.

Our students come first.  To meet their needs, Mason commits to redesigning the student experience.  Students will actively engage in their own success by leveraging the Mason community, technology, and improved systems and processes – resulting in well-rounded scholars and engaged citizens who are prepared to act.

How will iPASS affect Mason advisors?

Through the launching of SSC-Campus, advisors will be able to use predictive analytics to identify students in need of assistance. Leveraging SSC-Campus and the Student Educational Planner, academic advisors will be able to become more proactive and holistic in their advising practice while enjoying a more streamlined administrative workflow. A goal of the iPASS project and the Student Experience Redesign is to #StopTheMasonShuffle.

How will iPASS affect the Mason student?

Our Mason students will enjoy easier access to academic and co-curricular information through customizable degree plans with recommended course sequences. They will be able to engage in meaningful conversations with academic advisors that go beyond course registration. Students will experience a streamlined set of processes that will #StopTheMasonShuffle through a coordinated care network.

I’m committed to student success! How can I be involved?

iPASS needs you to be successful and to redesign the student experience. The iPASS leadership team will commit to sharing updates through the MAAN newsletter, provide shared forums to updates and Q&A about the process, and lastly will post updates through this website. You may also provide feedback at any time through this website or by connecting with Pam Allen at pallen@gmu.edu.