Jan Ward Named Academic Advisor of the Year 2011

Written by Nicole Hitpas on .

Jan Ward

Jan Ward was voted the George Mason University 2010-2011 Advisor of the Year by the Mason community. Jan has been a member of the Mason family for almost 17 years and serves as an academic advisor for the School of Business.

This year there were over 60 nominations from across the campus for Academic Advisor of the Year. The committee received nominations from students, faculty, and staff and looked at the number of nominations each person received and also reviewed the content of the testimonials submitted. The committee considered the quality of the advisor’s work as well as the positive impact the advisor has had on the students she or he has advised.

Jan received glowing remarks in her numerous nominations, and her passion for advising is evident in the work she does each day in the School of Business’s Office of Academic and Career Services. When accepting the award, Jan told the group that her “passion is helping others figure out where they want to go in life.”

This is the first year a School of Business advisor has won this prestigious award. School of Business academic advisors, Martha Martin, Marilyn Sharif, and Susan Stone, also received nominations for the award.