Academic Advisor Onboarding

Training and professional development for all Mason academic advisors is a priority and essential in providing our students with quality and consistent advising experiences across all academic units, and to promote opportunities for professional growth and advancement for our advisors. All new academic advisors at Mason are required to complete Academic Advisor Onboarding training.  This training includes four live training modules, four asynchronous training modules, training within your school/college/department and additional content to review within the Academic Advising Onboarding Blackboard Classroom.  Academic Advisor Onboarding training topics were developed based on guidance from NACADA (National Academic Advising Association), the Global Community for Academic Advising, as well as needs specific to being an Academic Advisor at Mason.

General information about Academic Advisor Onboarding can be found on this site, however, everything you need to know regarding Mason Academic Advisor Onboarding training (instructions, content, expectations) can be found in the Academic Advisor Onboarding Training Blackboard Classroom

To request access to this Blackboard Classroom, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Mason Blackboard site –
  2. Login using your Mason NetID and Password
  3. At the bottom of the page, right side, under “Mason Links” section, select Blackboard Organizations Search (and self-enroll)
  4. Enter “Academic Advisor Onboarding Training” in the Organization search box, and click Go
  5. Select the triangle shaped button next to the title of the organization in the search results, then click Enroll
  6. Enter the code below: ADVISE_2021!!

Issues getting access? Email Sarah Squire at

The below information with additional details can be found within the Academic Advisor Onboarding Blackboard classroom. 

Live Training Modules

  1. Academic Advising Foundations INACADA Academic Advising Core Competencies
  2. Academic Advising Foundations II: Best Practices*
    • Required prerequisite: Academic Advising Foundations I
  3. Developing Trust with your Advising Syllabus
  4. Academic Advising Tools and Technology Workshop
    • Required prerequisites: All of the asynchronous training modules (see below)
  • New Mason academic advisors – please sign-up for the next live training modules in Mason Leaps (detailed instructions are within Blackboard classroom)
  • These live modules are only available to Mason academic advisors. They are designed with new academic advisors in mind, however, more seasoned advisors may be interested in sessions 3 or 4. 
  • More information regarding how to sign-up and prerequisites can be found in the Academic Advisor Onboarding Blackboard classroom.

Asynchronous Training Modules

  1. The Mason Degree
  2. DegreeWorks for Advisors
  3. Registration and Program Changes
  4. Withdrawals, Exceptions and External Options
  • To begin completing the required asynchronous training modules, please request access to the Academic Advisor Onboarding Blackboard Classroom (instructions are listed above).  

Many of the Live and Asynchronous Training Modules have required and/or recommended prerequisites, and require that a quiz is taken after completion of each module.  This information with more specific instructions regarding MasonLeaps is available within the Blackboard Classroom.

Looking for additional academic advising related professional development opportunities?  Please visit, the Mason Academic Advisor Network, where you can find information on how to join, MAC (Mason Advisor Certificate), LOLs (Learning Over Lunch) and more. 

Questions?  Email the Advising Coordinator, Sarah Squire, at