Mason Academic Advisor Network

The Mason Academic Advisor Network (MAAN) was formed in 2012 to help promote advisor collaboration, advisor development, and disseminate information to all undergraduate academic advisors in a timely fashion. In principle the Network includes all academic advisors at Mason, but MAAN is governed by a Steering Committee that represents all schools and colleges concerned with academic advising. We are committed to implementing ideas and programs to strengthen undergraduate advising at Mason. NACADA Allied Institution since April 2015

MAAN’s Vision:

The MAAN aspires to create a culture of advising excellence at Mason that encourages development and collaboration amongst all of its advisors.

MAAN’s Mission:

The overall mission of the MAAN is to improve students’ academic advising experience by providing Mason undergraduate advisors with:

  • Campus wide advising resources
  • Opportunities for cross-communication and collaboration
  • Opportunities for development

By joining MAAN, you agree to be “in the advising loop.”  You will receive an invitation to join our listserv as well as the private MAAN website where you can access undergraduate advising information, learn about advising events on campus, and chat with other advisors.

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If you have questions related to your membership status, please contact the membership manager, Mary Slone O’Neill.

All other questions related to MAAN, please contact the current MAAN Co-chairs: Michelle Gnoleba and Erika Marquina

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”
~Babe Ruth

Jade Barricelli (CAART) – Summer 2012-January 2013
Liz Kalinowski Ohrt (CHSS) – Summer 2012-Summer 2013
Erin McSherry (CHSS) – January 2013-January 2014
Wayne Adams (CVPA) – Summer 2013-Summer 2014
Jon May (CAART) – January 2014-January 2015
Assad Khan (COS) – Summer 2014-Summer 2015
Ann Ludwick (SCHAR) – January 2015-January 2016
Melinda “Lynn” Wildman (CVPA) – Summer 2015-Summer 2016
Jason King (CAART) – January 2016 – January 2017
Sara Montiel (CEHD) – June 2016 – June 2017
Troy Lowery (SIS) – January 2017 – January 2018
Smriti Kansal (VSE) – June 2017 – June 2018
Heather Anderson (Honors) – January 2018 – January 2019
Leslie Durham (SCAR) – June 2018 – June 2019
Michelle Gnoleba Seki (CEHD) – January 2019 – Present
Erika Marquina (CHSS) – June 2019 – Present

Secretary: Rotating

Treasurer: Lori Yi (CVPA)

Steering Committee Members
CAART: Jason King, Joan Elwood, TBD
CEHD: Michelle Gnoleba Seki, Mary Slone O’Neill, TBD
CHHS: Brian K Gillette, Maria Perez, TBD
CHSS: Erin McSherry, Erika Marquina, Kristin Tyburczy
COS: Assad Khan, TBD, TBD
CVPA: Lauren Wagner, Lori Yi, TBD
Honors College: Tahmina Rahman, TBD, TBD
SSPG: Amira Al-Khulaidy, Ann Ludwick, TBD
S-CAR: Leslie Durham, TBD, TBD
SOB: Barbara Moorman, Bradley Morris, TBD
SIS: Sara Montiel, Marty Abruzzo, TBD
VSE: Cheryl A Howe, Smriti K Kansal, TBD
Affiliate non-voting members: Andrew Burroughs (Registrar), Terri Bevilacqua (CAART), Elizabeth Bartles (Pathway), Rick Gray (NSFP), Vanessa Correa (ODIME)

MAAN Steering Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Advisor Mentor Program (AMP) Team: Michelle Gnoleba and Claudia Borke

Learn Over Lunch (LOL) Committee Members: Committee Members: Assad Khan, Krista Shires, Erin McSherry, Erika Marquina, Tahmina Rahman, Joan Elwood, and Jason King (chair vacant)

Mason Advisor Certificate (MAC) Committee Members: Tahmina Rahman, Carrie D Grabo, Matthew Robert Green, Cheryl A Howe, Michael E Hurley, Smriti Kansal, Assad Khan, Jason King, Erin McSherry, Sara Montiel, Erika Marquina (co-chair) , Lori Yi (co-chair)

Registration Awareness Week (RAW) Committee Members: Leslie Durham,Michael Galvin, Michelle Gnoleba, Cheryl Howe, (co-chair), Laura Scobey, Jason King, Sara Montiel (co-chair)

Social Committee: Krystal Dains, Leslie Durham, Michael Hurley, Troy Lowery (co-chair) Erika Marquina (chair), Sara Montiel, Lisa Nolder, Lauren Reyna, Cathy Wright

Website & Communication Committee: Erin McSherry, Jason King, Sara Montiel, Mary Slone O’Neill