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Resolution for Intermittent “Google Chrome” Crashing

EAB wanted to follow-up on their email notification regarding reports of intermittent Chrome crashing last week. Despite appearing to be a bug in the new Chrome browsers with MS Operating System (as versions prior to 54 work fine), they continued to allocate developers and QA engineers against this for the past week to see if there was anything they could do to proactively resolve.

With your help they were able to perform a number of tests on each aspect of the application using various debugging methods on different operating systems. This allowed them to isolate the issue to a bug within the new Chrome browser in regards to how a specific file type is handled.

To avoid waiting for a broader Chrome bug fix, they have adjusted our use of this file type to eliminate the issue experienced in Chrome.  Testing was completed the past few days and the solution was put into production last night. You should not experience any additional crashing of the Chrome browser at this time. Of course, if you still experience this issue, please email the Tech Support team so we can continue to monitor: