Transitional Advising Program

The Transitional Advising Program (TAP) is a retention initiative within the Mason Care Network that supports the overall objectives of the University. The program provides comprehensive academic advising and academic support services to currently enrolled students who have been terminated from a major, school or college due to an inability to meet specific benchmarks. TAP helps students identify and achieve their academic goals. The TAP advisor will help students identify other major options through course and career exploration and transcript analysis. The TAP advisor will provide accurate and essential information for academic success by connecting students to various programs, services, and University faculty and staff to help students declare a new program of study.

Information for TAP Students

What is TAP?

TAP is not a degree granting major. TAP is a program for currently enrolled Mason students who have been terminated from a major, school or college and are deciding on a new major. TAP students will choose and declare a suitable alternate program of study.

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Who is eligible for TAP?

Students who have been terminated from a major, school or college due to an inability to complete specific benchmarks for their previous major will be placed into TAP.

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How long can I remain in TAP? 

Students will remain in TAP until they have identified a major to declare.

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What do I have to do once I am a TAP student?
Follow the instructions you received in the email sent to you by the MCN Success Coach. Students must schedule an appointment to meet with the TAP advisor through the online appointment scheduler and choose the “Transitional Advising Program” service.

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Advising Requirements for TAP?

TAP students receive mandatory advising through their duration in TAP.  Students are strongly encouraged to schedule their first advising appointment early in the semester. Mandatory advising requirements include:

  • Schedule an advising appointment with the Tap advisor
  • Create a two semester academic plan
  • Take part in course and career exploration activities
  • Review their degree audit
  • Meet with the advisor of the new major

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How can I meeting with the TAP Advisor?

Current TAP students can schedule an appointment with a MCN Success Coach. Appointments are typically 30 minutes and should be scheduled using online appointment scheduler at least a day in advance.

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Helpful Resources for TAP students


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