Students Terminated from a Previous Major

Current Mason students who have been warned about possible termination from their major or school/college and those who have already been terminated should meet with an Exploratory academic advisor. You can find more information about Exploratory Academic Advising Services here:

What is academic ‘termination’?

Termination from a major—or from all majors in a college—may be imposed as a result of excessive repeating of required courses without achieving the minimum standard, and for other evidence of continued failure to make adequate progress toward completion of the major. Students must be informed a semester in advance and given a chance to meet the standard or appeal. Once a termination decision has been made, a letter of termination is sent to the student by the dean or director of the school or college, and notification of termination from the major is affixed to the student’s academic record. Students who are terminated are no longer eligible to pursue that major, but may transfer to a different major within the university to complete their undergraduate degree. (AP.5.2.4 Termination from the Major)

Next Steps for Terminated Students by School/College: