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Students who have a declared major are advised in their department. Have a major? Find their contact information below. Click on the program name to visit their website for additional information.

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College/School Abbreviation Legend:

BUS – School of Business
CHSS – College of Humanities & Social Sciences
CHHS – College of Health & Human Services
COS – College of Science
CEHD – College of Education and Human Development
CVPA – College of Visual & Performing Arts
PROV – Provost
SCAR – School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution
SCHAR – Schar School of Policy and Government
VSE – Volgenau School of Engineering

DEPARTMENT/MAJORCollege/SchoolLOCATIONPHONESchedule an Advising Appointment Online
AccountingBUS008 Enterprise Hall703-993-1880
AnthropologyCHSS441 Robinson B703-993-5639Schedule an Appointment Online
Atmospheric Sciences (AOES)COS267 Research Hall703-993-5391Schedule an Appointment Online
Art & Visual TechnologyCVPA2050 Art and Design Bldg703-993-9617Schedule an Appointment Online
Art HistoryCHSS361 Robinson B703-993-1249
ArabicCHSS336 Aquia Building703-993-1220Schedule an Appointment Online
AstronomyCOS203 Planetary Hall703-993-1280
Athletic TrainingCEHD220 Bull Run Hall, PW703-993-9914
BAS (Bachelor of Applied Science)Contact AdvisorMerten Hall703-993-2799
BioengineeringVSE3800 Engineering Bldg703-993-4190
BiologyCOS1200 Exploratory Hall703-993-1050Schedule an Appointment Online
BIS (Individualized Study)CHSS253 Robinson A703-993-4556Schedule an Appointment Online
School of BusinessBUS008 Enteprise Hall703-993-1880
ChemistryCOS303 Planetary Hall703-993-1071
ChineseCHSS336 Aquia Building703-993-1220Schedule an Appointment Online
Civil, Environmental & Infrastructure EngineeringVSE1300 Engineering Bldg703-993-1675
CommunicationCHSS307 Robinson A703-993-1090Schedule an Appointment Online
Computational and Data SciencesCOSResearch Hall Room 373703-993-9298
Computer EngineeringVSE3100 Engineering Bldg703-993-1569
Computer Game DesignCVPA2019 Art and Design Building703-993-5734Schedule an Appointment Online
Computer ScienceVSE4300 Engineering Bldg703-993-1530
Creative WritingCHSS487 Robinson A703-993-1180
Conflict Analysis & ResolutionContact Department101 Northeast Module II703-993-4165
Criminology, Law & SocietyCHSSEnterprise Hall, Room 354703-993-8314Schedule an Appointment Online
Cyber Security EngineeringVSE2500 Engineering Building703-993-4727
DanceCVPAA300 Performing Arts Bldg703-993-1114
Earth ScienceCOS3451 Exploratory Hall703.993.1045
EconomicsCHSSMason Hall, Room D150703-993-1151
Electrical EngineeringVSE3100 Engineering Bldg703-993-1569
EnglishCHSS487 Robinson A703-993-1160
Environmental ScienceCOSDavid King Hall Room 3005703-993-1043
Environmental & Sustainability StudiesCHSS404 Enterprise Hall703-993-1436
Film & Video StudiesCVPAC100 College Hall703-993-3287Schedule an Appointment Online
FinanceBUS008 Enterprise Hall703-993-1880
Forensic ScienceCOS3400 Exploratory Hall703-993-5071Schedule an Appointment Online
FrenchCHSS336 Aquia Building703-993-1220Schedule an Appointment Online
GeographyCOS2400 Exploratory Hall703-993-1212
GeologyCOS3451 Exploratory Hall703-993-1045
Global AffairsCHSSD215 Mason Hall703-993-9185Schedule an Appointment Online
Global & Community HealthCHHS402 Robinson B703-993-1901Schedule an Appointment Online
Government & International PoliticsSCHAR359 Research Hall703-993-1400Walk-in Advising Only
Health AdministrationCHHSNortheast Module I703-993-9494
HistoryCHSS361 Robinson B703-993-1249
Honors CollegeProvostMason Hall D205703-993-1110
Human Development and Family ScienceContact Department1200 Thompson Hall703-993-3844
Individualized Study (BIS)CHSS253 Robinson A703-993-4556Schedule an Appointment Online
Information Systems & Operations ManagementBUS008 Enterprise Hall703-993-1880
Information Technology,
Fairfax Campus
VSE5400 Engineering Building
703-993-3565Schedule an Appointment Online
Information Technology,
Science & Tech Campus
VSE103 Bull Run, Science & Tech Campus703-993-8461Schedule an Appointment Online
Integrative Studies (School of Integrated Studies)CHSS402 Enterprise Hall703-993-1436
KinesiologyCEHD225B Bull Run Hall, SciTech Campus

2300 Thompson Hall (Walk-in Advising on Wednesdays on Fairfax Campus)
703-993-5200Schedule an Appointment Online
Latin American StudiesCHSS213 Robinson Hall A703-993-1413
ManagementBUS008 Enterprise Hall703-993-1880
MarketingBUS008 Enterprise Hall703-993-1880
MathematicsCOS4400 Exploratory Hall703-993-1461
Mechanical EngineeringVSE1851 Engineering Building703-993-1712
Medical Laboratory ScienceCOSExploratory Hall Room 1200703-993-1050Schedule an Appointment Online
Modern & Classical LanguagesCHSS336 Aquia Building703-993-1220Schedule an Appointment Online
MusicCVPAA417 Performing Arts Bldg703-993-1380Schedule an Appointment Online
NeuroscienceCOS2086 David King Hall703-993-1384Schedule an Appointment Online
School of Integrative StudiesCHSS402  Enterprise Hall703-993-1436
NursingCHHS402 Robinson B703-993-1901
Parks & Outdoor RecreationCEHD228C Bull Run Hall, PW703-993-2068
PhilosophyCHSS441 Robinson B703-993-5639Schedule an Appointment Online
Health & Physical EducationCEHD228B Bull Run Hall, PW703-993-2096Schedule an Appointment Online
PhysicsCOS203 Planetary Hall703-993-1280
PsychologyCHSS2086 David King Hall703-993-1384Schedule an Appointment Online
Public AdministrationSCHAR359 Research Hall703-993-1400Walk-in Advising Only
Religious StudiesCHSS441 Robinson B703-993-5639Schedule an Appointment Online
Rehabilitation ScienceCHHS402 Robinson B 703-993-1901
Russian & Eurasian StudiesCHSS336 Aquia Building703-993-1220
Social WorkCHHS402 Robinson B703-993-1901
SociologyCHSS441 Robinson B703-993-5639Schedule an Appointment Online
SpanishCHSS336 Aquia Building703-993-1220Schedule an Appointment Online
Sport ManagementCEHD2300 Thompson Hall (Fairfax-primary)

225B Bull Run Hall (SciTech Campus - secondary)
703-993-2080 (Fairfax Campus)

703-993-5200 (SciTech Campus)
Schedule an Appointment Online
StatisticsVSE1700 Engineering Building
Systems EngineeringVSE2100 Engineering Bldg703-993-1785
Teacher LicensureCEHD2300 Thompson Hall703-993-2080Schedule an Appointment Online
Teacher PreparationCEHD2300 Thompson Hall703-993-2080Schedule an Appointment Online
TheaterCVPAA407 Performing Arts Bldg703-993-1120
Therapeutic RecreationCEHD228C Bull Run Hall, PW703-993-2068
Tourism & Events ManagementCEHD2300 Thompson Hall703-993-2080Schedule an Appointment Online
UndeclaredProvost3600 SUB I703-993-2470Schedule an Appointment Online
Volgenau School of Engineering-UndeclaredVSE2500 Engineering Building703-993-1511Schedule an Appointment Online

Updated 5/22/17