GPA Calculator

GPA Calculator

Download our GPA Calculator to help you determine your GPA, how many quality points you need to achieve the GPA you want, and what your GPA will be with repeat courses.

For a simplified GPA calculator, use the one below.

To find your current semester GPA put the letter grade of each class you are taking and how many credits the class is in the table below.

*To find your Previous Cumulative GPA and GPA Hours, go to PatriotWeb, look up your Unofficial Transcript, and go to Transcript Totals.

Manual GPA Calculation

Grading Chart – Quality Points
A= 4.0 A-= 3.67 B+= 3.33 B= 3.0 B-= 2.67
C+= 2.33 C= 2.0 C-= 1.67 D= 1.0 F= 0.0

To calculate your anticipated semester GPA:

  1. Use the grading chart value (from the chart above) for the letter grade you expect to earn and multiply it by the number of credits for that course to
    • Example: If you expect a B+ in a 3-credit course, you would multiply 3.33 quality points x 3 credits = 9.99 total quality points.
  2. Do this for every course you are currently taking for a letter grade.
  3. Add up all the total quality points and then divide by the total number of credits to find your anticipated semester GPA.
    • Example:
      Course Credits Grade Quality Points QP x Credits Total QP
      ENGH 101 3 B 3.0 3.0 x 3 = 9.0
      ECON 103 3 B+ 3.33 3.33 x 3 = 9.99
      MATH 108 3 C+ 2.33 2.33 x 3 = 6.99
      THR 150 3 A- 3.67 3.67 x 3 = 11.01
      INTS 210 4 A 4.0 4.0 x 4 = 16
      Total Credits: 16   Total Quality Points: 52.99
      Total Quality Points/Total Credits = 3.31 GPA

To calculate your anticipated cumulative GPA:

  1. First follow the steps above to calculate your anticipated current semester GPA.
  2. Add the Total Quality Points to your current cumulative total Quality Points*, and add the Total Credit Hours to your current cumulative GPA Hours*. *You can find these on your Unofficial Transcript in PatriotWeb.
  3. Divide the total calculated Quality Points from the previous step by the total calculated Hours from the previous step to find your anticipated cumulative GPA.
    • Example: If you have 97.86 cumulative Quality Points and 42 GPA Hours, then using the Total Quality Points and Credit Hours from the previous example, it would be: 
      97.86 QP + 52.99 QP = 150.85 Total QP
      42 Hours + 16 Hours = 58 Total Hours
      150.85 QP/58 Hours = 2.60 GPA

For any courses that you are repeating in the current semester, remove the previous attempt Quality Points and GPA Hours before calculating step 2.

    • Example: Using the same examples as above, if ENGL 101 was a repeat attempt, and in your previous attempt you had earned a D, then you would subtract the 3 GPA Hours from the cumulative total (42 Hours – 3 Hours = 39 Hours), and subtract 3 Quality Points from the cumulative QP total (97.86 QP – 3 QP = 94.86 QP), and then recalculate using the new totals: 
      94.86 QP + 52.99 QP = 147.85 Total QP
      39 Hours + 16 Hours = 55 Total Hours
      147.85 QP/55 Hours = 2.69 GPA