Academic Planning and Registration

Four-Year Plans and Degree Planning

4-year plans for many of the majors can be found on the program’s page in the catalog (along with an overview of the program, degree requirements, and contact information for the department). You can also find 4-year plans on the websites linked below. If you are unsure of which college/school your major is in, check the Majors at Mason handout.

Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution 
College of Education and Human Development 
College of Engineering and Computing 
College of Humanities and Social Sciences 
College of Public Health 
College of Science 
College of Visual and Performing Arts 
Schar School of Policy and Government 
School of Business 

Degree Evaluation and What-If (DegreeWorks)

DegreeWorks is where you can see your degree progress and evaluation (requirements you have completed and have yet to complete).

DegreeWorks also has a What-If function that allows you to see a degree evaluation for a program that you are not currently in (e.g. a different major, concentration, minor, etc.). You can also use it to put in future classes for degree planning purposes. Keep in mind that these tools are only to be used as guides. They do not guarantee future course availability nor take into account certain exceptions to course requirements. Always check with an academic advisor for more detailed planning.

Note: Starting Fall 2023, Mason will be using a new degree evaluation software.

Transfer Credits

If you have questions about credits earned prior to being a matriculated student at Mason (e.g. AP, IB, dual enrollment, credits from previous institution, etc.) see the Admissions website.

If you are considering taking a course outside of Mason as a current student, see the Registrar’s website. Be aware that you need to obtain permission prior to enrolling in the course.

To see current transfer course equivalencies, use the Transfer Credit Matrix.

Patriot Web and Registration
Patriot Web

Patriot Web is used to register for classes, view or make changes to your schedule, view your transcripts, and more. You can review Patriot Web Tutorials on the Registrar’s website.

Registration Guides and Patriot Scheduler:

Also on the Registrar’s website, you can find an Online Registration Guide and information on how to use the Patriot Scheduler, which is a useful tool in generating multiple schedules for the courses you pick out.

Registration Requests:

If you have issues with registration or need to make a special registration request, meet with your Academic Advisor. For certain requests, you may need to submit a Registrar Form, for example: Course Audit, Credit Overload, Satisfactory/No Credit, and Time Conflict. For information on other academic requests and appeals, see this page.


Some courses that are full give you the option to add yourself to a waitlist. See the Waitlist Policy for more information.

Registration Holds:

Please check Patriot Web to see if you have any holds that might prevent you from registering for classes. Contact the office that placed the hold to find out what you need to do in order to remove it. Make sure you take care of holds well in advance before your registration time begins or it will delay the process.

Registration Dates and Deadlines

It is your responsibility to be aware of academic dates and deadlines including but not limited to the Last Day to Add, the Last Day to Drop, and the various Withdrawal deadlines. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Academic Standing and GPA
Academic Standing Policy

Flow Chart on How to Determine Academic Standing

Academic Standing ChartStudents need to maintain a cumulative GPA and a term GPA of a 2.0 or higher to remain in good academic standing. If students fall below a 2.0 cumulative GPA and/or term GPA, they can face academic warning, probation, suspension, or dismissal. For more information about the Academic Standing Policy, see the Undergraduate Policies in the catalog and the Registrar’s website on Academic Standing.

Click the images on the right (or above if on mobile) to see a chart that illustrates the Academic Standing Policy as well as a flow chart to determine your Academic Standing.

The current Academic Standing Policy is in effect starting Fall 2022. To view the previous policy that was in effect from Fall 2004 to Summer 2022, see the 2021-2022 catalog or any prior archived catalog.

GPA Calculator

You can use the GPA Calculator to see what grades you need to earn in your current and/or future courses to achieve or maintain a certain cumulative GPA.