Minors at Mason

Thinking about adding a minor? With careful planning, most students have room for a minor. A minor can compliment a student’s major, allow students to gain skills in another area of interest and perhaps better prepare them for certain careers.

Policies that apply to all minors:

  • Minors require between 15 and 21 credits of study.
  • At least 8 credits of the minor must be applied only to that minor and may not be used to fulfill requirements of the student’s major, concentration, an undergraduate certificate, or another minor.
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.00 in the coursework applied to a minor.
  • At least 6 credits of the minor must be completed at Mason.

Minors at Mason for Catalog Year 2021-2022 

George Mason University has over one hundred minors from which to choose. Below is a list of minors that are offered. Below, click on the minor to find the requirements for each – and you can use this worksheet which lists all the minors Mason has to offer.

Business BUS
Business Analytics BUS
Entrepreneurship BUS
Finance BUS
Government Contracting BUS
International Business BUS
Marketing BUS
Operations and Supply Chain Management BUS
Management Information Systems BUS
Real Estate Development BUS
Conflict Analysis & Resolution CARTER
Sport & Conflict Resolution CARTER
Organizational Conflict Resolution CARTER
Sport and Conflict Resolution CARTER
Aviation Flight Training & Management CEC
Bioengineering CEC
Computer Science CEC
Data Analysis CEC
Environmental Engineering CEC
Information Technology CEC
Mechanical Engineering CEC
Software Engineering CEC
Statistics CEC
Systems Engineering CEC
Digital Media and Web Design CEC
Electrical and Computer Engineering CEC
American Sign Language CEHD
Assistive TechnologyCEHD
Early Childhood Education for Diverse LearnersCEHD
Educational Psychology CEHD
Hospitality Management CEHD
Human Development & Family Science CEHD
Kinesiology CEHD
Mild DisabilitiesCEHD
Recreation Management CEHD
Severe DisabilitiesCEHD
Sport & American Culture CEHD
Sport CommunicationCEHD
Sport Management CEHD
Sports AnalyticsCEHD
Tourism & Events Management CEHD
Visual Impairment & Blindness CEHD
Sport and Conflict Resolution CEHD
Sport and Computer Game Design CEHD
Health Promotions CEHD
Aging Studies CHHS
Food Systems CHHS
Global Health CHHS
Health and Social Policy CHHS
Health Information technologyCHHS
Nutrition CHHS
Public Health CHHS
Rehabilitation ScienceCHHS
Senior Housing Administration CHHS
Social Work CHHS
African & African American Studies CHSS
Ancient Mediterranean Art & Archaeology CHSS
Anthropology CHSS
Arabic CHSS
Art History CHSS
Asia-Pacific & Northeast Asian Studies CHSS
Brain Body & Behavior CHSS
Childhood Studies CHSS
Chinese CHSS
Classical Studies CHSS
Clinical Psychology CHSS
Communication CHSS
Criminology, Law, and Society CHSS
Developmental Psychology CHSS
Economics CHSS
English CHSS
Film and Media Studies CHSS
Folklore and Mythology CHSS
Forensic Psychology CHSS
French CHSS
German Studies CHSS
Global Affairs CHSS
Health Communication CHSS
Health Psychology CHSS
History CHSS
Immigration Studies CHSS
Industrial/Organizational Psychology CHSS
Intelligence Studies CHSS
Islamic Studies CHSS
Italian Studies CHSS
Japanese Studies CHSS
Journalism CHSS
Judaic Studies CHSS
Korean Studies CHSS
Latin CHSS
Latin American Studies CHSS
Linguistics CHSS
Middle East Studies CHSS
Native American and Indigenous Studies CHSS
Nonprofit Studies CHSS
Philosophy and Law CHSS
Political Philosophy CHSS
Professional Experience in Communication CHSS
Professional and Technical Writing CHSS
Psychology CHSS
Religious Studies CHSS
Russian CHSS
Social Innovation CHSS
Social Justice and Human Rights CHSS
Sociology CHSS
Spanish CHSS
Sport CommunicationCHSS
Teaching English as a Second Language CHSS
Well-Being CHSS
Women & Gender Studies CHSS
Design ThinkingCHSS
Ancient History and Mediterranean Studies CHSS
Conservation Studies CHSS
Digital Humanities CHSS
Health, Disease and Culture CHSS
Human Development and Family Sciences CHSS
Medieval Studies CHSS
Photojournalism CHSS
Political Communication CHSS
STEM in Society CHSS
Sport and American Culture CHSS
Astronomy COS
Atmospheric Science COS
Bioinformatics COS
Biology COS
Chemistry COS
Computational and Data Sciences COS
Conservation Biology COS
Conservation Studies COS
Earth Science COS
Environmental Consulting COS
Environmental PolicyCOS
Environmental Science COS
Forensic Science COS
Geographic Information Systems COS
Geography COS
Geology COS
Mathematics COS
Neuroscience COS
Ocean & Estuarine Science COS
Paleontology COS
Physics COS
Renewable Energy Interdisciplinary COS
Scientific Leadership and Practice COS
Sustainability Studies COS
Sustainability Enterprise COS
Urban Informatics COS
Astrophysics COS
Government Analytics COS
Animation CVPA
Arts and Social Change CVPA
Arts Management CVPA
Audio Production CVPA
Computer Game design CVPA
Dance Appreciation CVPA
Digital Media and Web Design CVPA
Event Technical Production CVPA
Graphic Design CVPA
Jazz Studies CVPA
Music for Well Being CVPA
Music CVPA
Music Pedagogy CVPA
Music Technology CVPA
Photography CVPA
Sport and Computer Game Design CVPA
Studio Art CVPA
Theater CVPA
Theater Performance CVPA
Web Design CVPA
World Dance CVPA
Design and Technical Theater CVPA
Event Technical Production CVPA
Photojournalism CVPA
Digital Media and Web Design CVPA
American Government SCHAR
Global Systems SCHAR
Government Analytics SCHAR
International Security SCHAR
International /Comparative Studies SCHAR
Legal Studies SCHAR
Political Communication SCHAR
Public Policy & Management SCHAR
Urban & Suburban Studies SCHAR

Updated 07/9/21