Steps To Exploring Mason Majors (STEMM)

Steps to Exploring Mason Majors: The STEMM program walks students through a step-by-step process to exploring majors at George Mason. You can use the resources below to help you along the way.

Note: *Links open to an external website.

Exploring Majors Wiki

The *Exploring Majors Wiki allows students to learn more about all of the majors offered at George Mason University. Through the use of websites, videos, articles, and podcasts, students are guided to finding more information about the major, skills and abilities needed to be successful in the field and outlines what recent graduates are doing with this major.

Additional Resources

Students walk near the Johnson Center at the Fairfax campus. Photo by Alexis Glenn/Creative Services/George Mason University

  • University 220-Decide/Confirm Major: Find the right fit! This is a 1 credit elective course designed specifically for students who wish to explore majors and careers for credit!
    • Upon completion of UNIV 220, 93% of students felt comfortable choosing a major or narrowing their choices to 2-3 majors.
    • What do students say about UNIV 220?
      • “I declared my major at the end of this course.”
      • “This course did wonders for me in terms of helping me find my way. I would highly recommend it to someone trying to find a major or confused about their own.”
      • “It helped me find myself in relation to a major and a future career choice.”
  • *George Mason University Career Services: An excellent resource in learning more about majors and careers. There is a career counselor on staff for each of Mason’s majors and they can provide you with an abundance of information as it pertains to careers and how they relate to an undergraduate major. They also have several assessments that can be taken to help in the process of choosing a best fit major and/or career!
  • *What can I do with a major in… This website from UNCW helps you connect majors with careers.
  • *Roadtrip Nation Interviews: Explore informational interviews with interesting professionals by interest area.
  • * gives you information and descriptions about college majors.
  • *The Princeton Review has an alphabetical listing of different major profiles. You can also search by category.
  • *Majors and Career Central allows you to choose a major or career category and possible majors related to those subjects.
  • *Quintessential Careers gives advice on choosing a college major and information about careers related to majors.
  • *Federal Jobs by College Major This website links majors to federal jobs.