Current Advising Services


Connect with Your Academic Advisor

We encourage you to meet with your Academic Advisor at least once per semester to discuss any academic needs or concerns you might have.  All schools and colleges across Mason are offering full academic advising services throughout the COVID 19 pandemic.  At this time, most academic advising meetings and interactions will be virtual to ensure the most positive experience for both you and the advisor.  Virtual options allow more flexibility in availability and times of appointments offered.  In addition, it allows for mask-free interaction and the ability for the advisor to share their screen with you. Limited in-person advising will be offered in some departments, in which case you and the advisor will need to remain at least 6-feet apart and wear masks. 

Academic Advising in Your School or College

You are assigned to your Academic Advisor based on your declared major within your school or college.  For the most up-to-date information on advising services, please visit your school or college advising websites listed below.  

Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution
College of Education and Human Development
College of Health and Human Services
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Science
College of Visual and Performing Arts
Schar School of Policy and Government
School of Business
Volgenau School of Engineering 
Exploratory, Undeclared and Non-Degree
Honors College*

*Academic advising within the Honors College complements advising provided by the student’s major and/or minor advisors.  Students can find their Honors College advisor by visiting this site and searching by major.  Honors College students with general advising questions can also send an email to

If you are unsure of which school/college your major resides in, or if you are unsure of how to find your advisor, please use our Advisor Locator tool.   If you are unable to connect with your academic advisor, please email and we can ensure you get your questions answered.

Pre-Professional Academic Advising Services

If you are interested in a career in a medical or health field (medical school, dentistry, optometry, physician assistant, pharmacy, and more), or if you are interested in law school, please consider utilizing our advising services within those two specialized areas.  More details on their services can be found on their websites linked below.

Pre-Health Advising
Pre-Law Advising


COVID 19 Operations Information and Resources

For information on the Mason response to COVID 19, operations and resources please visit the below sites.

Spring 2021 alternative grade mode options:
University Life and Academic resources:
Resources on learning in a virtual environment:
Safe return to campus plans:


Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the Registrar’s website for this information, as well as the Student FAQs.  These address questions such as: How do I select the alternative grade mode? How will academic standing be determined for Spring 2021? If I select alternative grade mode, will the course be able to count towards my requirements?  Will the alternative grade mode option impact my….financial aid? Veteran’s benefits? Scholarships? All of this is addressed in the FAQs.

As an academic advisor, you can walk through these FAQs with students and help them make a decision by providing them the information surrounding the alternative grade mode policies.

Idea sharing and asking questions can be done via the MAAN email list serve.  If you are not currently a member of MAAN and on the list serve, you can request to be added here:

In addition, an MS Teams group was created for academic advisors called GMU Academic Advisors.  You can request to join this group within MS Teams.

Central communications sent to students, updates regarding operations, student services and resources for students during this time are being housed on the following websites:


Yes!  Please refer to the following websites:

Emergency funding set-up in response to COVID 19:

Information on tuition and fees, including how to set up a payment plan:

Mason Student Services, which includes Financial Aid information:

Yes, all of these services are still fully being offered – review the Student Support section under Services and Hours on this website:

Links to individual websites:

Student Health
Counseling and Psychological Services 

For the Spring 2021 semester, the Math Department is waiving the prerequisites for Math 105, Math 108, and Math 125.  If you need to enroll in either of these courses, please fill out the Course Registration Override Request so an override can be issued.

Students who want to register for Math 123 or 113 will be able to take the Math Placement Test online.  After passing the Math Placement Test, students will be able to enroll in either Math 123 or 113 within 24 hours.

The Math 113/123 placement tests will be available starting the week of Nov. 9th.

For more guidance, please refer to this website:

Welfare checks for students off-campus: These checks are managed largely in the same way as they were managed prior to COVID 19 and distance learning.  Anyone concerned for a person (or self) can call either 911 or Mason PD (703.993.2810) to share the information and the location of the person of concern.  Local police in the jurisdiction of the student’s location will do a welfare check and take action as appropriate.

Welfare checks for on-campus student: Mason Police will respond to requests for on-campus welfare checks, and will take action as appropriate.  CAPS On-Call  is still available, as needed.

SSAC is operational and working with students who are in distress.  Referrals can be made to SSAC either through their online referral form or by phone (703.993.3686).