Pre-Professional Advising



Health Professions Advising

The Health Professions Advising website provides information for all Mason students interested in pursuing postgraduate work in medicine, dentistry, podiatry, optometry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy physician assistant, occupational therapy and physical therapy.  Advising availability, health professions events and opportunities are announced via the HEALTHPROFESSIONSADVISOR-L listserv for George Mason University students.


Teacher Education

Teaching can be a challenging, yet incredibly rewarding profession. If you are interested in a career in education, Mason offers a variety of program options that lead to Virginia teacher licensure. For in-depth information specific to your goals and situation, please contact a CEHD academic advisor.


Pre-Law Advising

The law is a challenging and rewarding profession that offers excellent career opportunities. To give Mason’s aspiring law students the tools they need to succeed, the Schar School have developed the Patriot Prelaw Program (P3). Their innovative approach to undergraduate education includes courses that develop crucial skill sets and programming to help students prepare for the Law School Admissions Test. They also advise students about their best law school options, and they offer one-on-one mentoring with experienced Patriot lawyers who bring singular strengths to the table. Undergraduates who take advantage of P3 will gain a distinct advantage in the highly competitive law-school-admissions process and, ultimately, in the job market itself.


Career Services

University Career Services is George Mason University’s centralized career center. We take an industry-focused approach to serving our students and employers. It is their mission to pepare and connect career-ready students for post-graduate success.