Suspension Override Request

Exploratory and Undeclared students who have been suspended may submit an appeal to request an override of their suspension.  No student on suspension is guaranteed an override, and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. All students making this request must first see their Academic Advisor and include a summary of the meeting in their documentation. If a request is approved, the student does not have to take time away from Mason and will be able to register for courses. 

(If a student is simply requesting to return to Mason AFTER being suspended and has already spent the required semester(s) away from Mason, the student needs to meet with their academic advisor and complete the Academic Advisor Approval form.  If the time away from Mason exceeded the required semester(s) away, other forms may be required which a student can discuss with their Academic Advisor.)

Students are recommended to consult the Catalog under Student Retention Categories (AP.5.2.3) and Academic Suspension (AP.5.2.5) for exact criteria regarding suspension and to refer to the chart concerning your minimum GPA and credit level to avoid this and other academic actions.

Factors taken into consideration when reviewing requests for an override

  • Documented meeting with an Academic Advisor with a well-defined plan of action in which the student states academic and career goals and lists courses necessary to help achieve these goals
  • Documented reasons for student’s previous or situational unsatisfactory performance (illness, unforeseen personal circumstances, etc.) and evidence of positive changes.
  • The student’s cumulative GPA and number of credit hours successfully completed by the student in past semesters.
  • Willingness to consult with Learning Services.
  • Willingness to speak with other offices that could help student improve academically (possibly including the Disability Resource Center, Student Success Coaching or the Counseling Center).
  • Willingness to repeat appropriate courses to improve cumulative GPA.
  • Timing of the request – should be made prior to the start of the semester of return to allow for the possibility of a satisfactory registration for courses.
  • Time is of the essence when submitting a request and documentation. Delays in submitting requests increase the academic component of the request and can have an adverse effect on the final decision. 

How to request a suspension override

  1. Students should meet with their assigned Academic Advisor and review all policies pertaining to academic standing. During the meeting, the Academic Advisor should discuss the student’s reasoning for wanting to continue and not take time away, which courses they would take, possibility of repeating courses and GPA calculations to anticipate possible academic standing after the next semester.
  2. The following forms must be submitted to the student’s Academic Advisor:
  3. All requests must be submitted 1 week prior to the semester starting to allow time for review and registration (if approved) before classes begin.